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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Klear Nearly Day or Near Klearly or something like that.

I forgot to tell you, Nickerson, Kansas also has a special day in the summer which is called Klear Nearly or Near Klearly or something along that line. If anyone out there remembers, give me a shout out because otherwise I will need to go research it and I have the little baby today and do not have time for that.
When I have the little baby, I have to be alert. If I am not alert the dogs will lick him and he feels  neglected if I wander off from him. Babies need lots of care. They are also very messy, especially the bottom half!

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Pam Misunas said...

Yep still called Klear Nearly Day, it's the city celebration held annually. Parades, booths, games, fireman's water fight, food, main street dance. It's the place to be. Held in the summer. Used to be the 1st Saturday in August for years now usually the last Saturday in July.